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Escape Game Test Of Courage

Escape Game Test Of Courage by Riddle Solving, killing time
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
Escape Game Test Of Courage Escape Game Test Of Courage Escape Game Test Of Courage Escape Game Test Of Courage Escape Game Test Of Courage Escape Game Test Of Courage

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February 07, 2024
Riddle Solving, killing time
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More About Escape Game Test Of Courage

This is the second escape game provided by JARASHI_APP.Escape game: Test of courage, prank by a weird ghost is a game in which you aim to escape not only by solving riddles, which are standard in escape games, but also by solving riddles and other puzzles based on the theme of a test of courage.This is a multi-ending game with two endings depending on whether or not a certain riddle is solved.If you have succeeded in escaping once, please try to find out which trick changes the ending of the game!Even if you get stuck in solving the riddle, you can proceed by using the hint function, so don't worry if you are a beginner in escape games.
[Game Features]
The game has a horror atmosphere, but it is not horror (cute characters also appear in the game).
You can experience a test of courage in a mysterious forest at night with 3D graphics.
You can enjoy the game for free until the end.
Recommended for people who like puzzles and brain training and are looking for a way to kill some time.
The game offers a variety of interesting puzzles that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.
Easy to play with tap-only controls.
The game is easy to play because of the simple tap-only operation.
The volume of the game is small.

[How to play]
Tap the location you are interested in to check.
Tap an item to select it, and then tap the location where you want to use it.
Tap twice to zoom in on the item.
Some items can be examined by tapping on them while they are zoomed in.
You can use another item on the item you are zooming in on.
You can use the photo function to save a suspicious location to an in-game photo.
You can see hints even if you get stuck.
The game is auto-saved, so you can quit and resume at any time.

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