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Wild Animal Simulators

Wild Animal Simulators

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(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
Wild Animal Simulators Wild Animal Simulators Wild Animal Simulators Wild Animal Simulators Wild Animal Simulators

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February 07, 2024
Your favourite simulators‪!‬
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More About Wild Animal Simulators

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to embody a wild animal? To channel your killer instinct and run wild in the wilderness, chasing enemies, killing prey and taking your place as nature’s ultimate predator?
Well wonder no more – Wild Animal Simulators is here to put you in body of your your favourite wild animals!

Become a wild animal and survive in the wilderness for as long as you can. Use RPG mechanics to level up your animal as you hunt, start a family, and do battle with fierce animals.

Games Included:
Wild Panther Sim
Phoenix Simulator
Wild Cougar Sim
Wild Cheetah Sim
Wild Eagle Sim
Tyrannosaurus Rex Sim
Wild Crocodile Sim
Wild Fox Sim
Wild Wolf Sim

Games Features:

REALISTIC SIMULATION: Our vicious wild world is as close to reality as you can get! Survive in the wild by hunting, eating and drinking, but be careful - it’s a big, brutal world out there.

START A FAMILY: Develop your family! Over the course of your adventures, your family will evolve into powerful animals!

RPG LEVELING SYSTEM: As you hunt other wildlife, you’ll gain experience and level up your panther. Become nature’s ultimate killing machine by spending stat points on characteristics like Power, Speed and Health.

MASSIVE 3D WORLD: Explore a huge open worlds filled with ambiance. Discover unique islands, each with its own atmosphere, and find dens for your animals scattered across the lands.

QUESTS: Tackle challenging games to improve your skills in the wild.

Download Wild Animal Simulators and become king of the wilderness today!

Have fun playing Wild Animal Simulators!
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